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Date(s) - 14/09/2019 - 15/09/2019
9:00 - 17:00

Magtor Solkærvej 21


Acupuncture is a well know traditional method used to improve human and animal heath.
For some 1000 years needles have been said to be highly effective – when used correctly. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) made an art of acupuncture: after studying 28 different pulse qualities, checking colour and structure of tongues, considering the climate and the moon – maybe even feng shui plays an important role of designing your treatment plan – you can choose a handful of acupuncture points where you will stick needles in – hopefully you’ll do it the right way – otherwise you’ll have no effect at all.
After this introduction a lot of TCM trained vets never dare to start using acupuncture.
But you should. In this weekend of Modern Medical Acupuncture we’ll forget about Qi and the 5 element theory and concentrate on science.
In pain treatment acupuncture is a very effective, evidence based method to help dogs and cats and horses – and all the other animals you treat-with a minimum of side effects.
Let me guide you through a lot of studies and show you how Acupuncture can be done in a safe and very efficient way – without a lot of brimborium.
We’ll talk a lot about designing treatment plans, finding tender spots, the needle techniques and all the other methods that wind around this modern medical acupuncture – f. e soft laser, electroacupuncture or acupressure or moxa…….
We will work on patients so everybody will have the chance to work supervised and overcome insecurities – let’s start to do some Western Veterinary Acupuncture.
Looking forward to meeting you – Sabine
Dr. Sabine Mai studied TCM at the Donau University in Austria. She gained 2 mast degrees – and still she does prefer to work on her animal clients in a more pragmatic way. Dr. Mai is specialized in the fields of rehab, physiotherapy and sports medicine.